Writer and Lyricist

Jake Brunger




Book and Lyrics by Jake Brunger

Music and Lyrics by Pippa Cleary

Directed by Kate Golledge




St James Theatre: 12th - 15th August 2015


Amid a backstage drama of teenage hormones and parental pressure, five finalists gather to compete to be Britain’s best new classical music star. With a live televised final looming, emotions are running high. From bitter vendettas to unexpected romance, which of our competitors will rise to the top? After all, “there can only be one winner…”.


"With whiffs of the X Factor, we’ve got sob stories and scandals galore – with Brunger’s dialogue peppered with some cracking one-liners... Some seriously catching tunes and a genuinely hilarious and heart-warming story." - 5 stars, So So Gay


"Plenty of cultural references file obediently into one-liners which, thanks to Brunger’s knowing and measured wit, consistently hit the mark, making the script probably the strongest part of the evening. The parody (though more laid-bare, than caricature) of reality television – particularly the competitive and musical kinds – is unrelenting, sharp and well-deserved, with a frank look at modern television’s descent into little more than a visual tabloid. But there’s plenty of lighter jabs served at the popular classical music scene, which can itself be a trifle ridiculous in its coy pomposity." - Musical Theatre Review

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