Writer and Lyricist

Jake Brunger


Vineyard Theatre, New York, May 2011

Pleasance Theatre, Islington, 21st - 30th November 2012


Producer: James Quaife Productions / Old Vic New Voices

Director: Kirsty Patrick Ward


New York Cast: Sammy Kissin, Benjamin O'Mahony, Fiona Skinner and George Taylor

London Cast: Nicholas Banks, Leah Brotherhead, Sammy Kissin and George Taylor


When Clemmy invites her brother Josh for dinner to finally meet his new girlfriend Sally, a cosy Friday night meal on their sprawling country estate quickly becomes a breeding ground for contentious family issues.


A new comic drama about class, coupling and camembert.

Clemmy: Look anyone can call anyone what they like, okay? There’re no.. boundaries here. We’re all very open minded..

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Photos: New York (above), London (below)

London photo: Jonny Bosworth