Writer and Lyricist

Jake Brunger


Lyric Hammersmith Studio

30th March 2012 / 3rd, 4th, 5th October 2012


Producer: Waifs and Strays

Director: Barney Norris


March Cast: Victoria Gee, Lisa Kerr, Anna Popplewell

October Cast: Letty Butler, Victoria Gee, Naomi Petersen


Short play "Schnapps" in response to Owen Jones' book

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class as part

of Lyric Lounge.


"Jake Brunger gets the details of the routine humiliation and rigid

hierarchy that surround a minimum wage job spot on. This is

assured, engaged writing and as the coiled implications in the

offhand final line – the manager casually offers the bottle that has

resulted in Michelle’s near dismissal to the assistant manager –

are allowed to resonate, the fiction of Britain as a meritocratic

society is sharply laughed off stage. A longer and more developed

version of this would be very exciting to see."

                                                           - Exeunt Magazine, 4 stars


Alice:    It’s a bottle of Archers, Lau!

            A broken bottle of Archers.

            What they gonna do with it?

            The warehouse staff at Archers?

            They’ll pour it down the sink or.

            Flush their bloody loos with it.

            They don’t give a shit.

            They’d be happy for me.

Chavs rehearsal Chavs rehearsal2

Top: Letty Butler and Victoria Gee in rehearsal | Bottom: Naomi Petersen in rehearsal